Transforming KYC Collection during Telesales Calls

Case Study Two: Payment Service Provider (PSP)

Learn how worked with the telesales team of a major UK and international payment service provider (PSP) to provide a secure, instant upload function to replace the inconvenient and insecure process of Merchants emailing their KYB & KYC onboarding documents during the call.

1. Summary of the Facts

By definition, telesales calls represent a real-time interaction with a potential new client. Therefore, any interaction with the prospect needs to be convenient and near-instant. Any potential 'blockers' can loose the sale.

2. Analysis of the Problem

As well as the inefficiancy of using email for the collection of the documentation, the perception of the company as an innovative FinTech was deminished, with frequent push-back from the prospect on the grounds of security concerns.

To analyse the problem, it was neccessary to break it down with as much granularity as possible until the team were left with the sub-problems that formed the whole. Using a high level of abstraction, these comprised of five main considerations:

  • Costly process in the current form;
  • Minimum level of staff experience required;
  • GDPR data storage considerations (emails etc.);
  • Onboarding knock-on effect;
  • Process not scaleable, auditable, or precise;

3. Alternatives vs

Although dozens of high-quality file sharing platforms exist, the vast majority are pretty generic, sometimes clunky to use, require a degree of familiarisation for your end-customers, and are limited/non-existent in terms of customisation and branding. As a result, chaos can easily ensue. Deep integration with existing key systems can also be a significant challenge.

By contrast, has been written specifically for the one-click instructed collection of confidential documents, requires zero customer training, and is carefully designed to ensure that all touch-points for your customers reflect an extension of your own website, email branding, and services. The platform has been designed with with the option of API integration built in.

More information

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