Fair Use Policy

Fair Use Policy

Service is made available to you, provided that you make fair use of it. In order to maintain optimal service provision to all users, the AMLfocus envisages that it is necessary to restrict the amount of Service that you or, in the aggregate, your company consumes. The AMLfocus service is made available to you, free of charge, provided that you do not exceed the Fair Use Limits when sending or requesting data through it. Your registration for and/or usage of the AMLfocus service constitutes your acceptance of this Fair Use Policy.

For the purposes of this Fair Use Policy, the Fair Use Limits shall be defined as follows:

  • You may send or collect no more than 100 links per day

Usage above this limit is available by purchasing a Paid Data Plan. You may purchase a Paid Data Plan by contacting: [email protected] The current price for the Paid Data Plan is £240 per month, or £ 0.08 per link, whichever is the greater, exclusive of Value Added Tax (Vat). AMLfocus reserves the right to adjust the price of the Paid Data Plan.

Should you exceed one or more of the Fair Use Limits without having a Paid Data Plan in place, you agree that AMLfocus shall be entitled to take either of the following measures:

  • Contact you to discuss how you might reduce your data usage; or
  • Invoice you for a Paid Data Plan.

Failure to reduce your usage in line with our requests, or to pay any invoice, may result in AMLfocus restricting, suspending or terminating you access to AMLfocus.

AMLfocus shall have the right, at its sole discretion and at any time, to change or modify this Fair Use Policy. Such change shall be effective immediately upon posting to AMLfocus Website. You are responsible for regularly reviewing this Fair Use Policy to obtain timely notice of any such changes, as they are binding on you. AMLfocus will post a last amended date at the bottom of this page to assist such review. Your continued use of the AMLfocus service after such posting shall constitute your acceptance of this Fair Use Policy as modified. Some of the provisions in this Fair Use Policy may also be superseded by provisions or notices published elsewhere on AMLfocus Website.

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